HHO Ammeter LED

Digital LED Ammeter 0-50 Amps + Shunt

Blue or Green available


Ultra-bright LED display
Blue, Green display available
Polarity: Automatic Sensing
Automatic Calibration upon zero reading for 0V input
High accuracy and Low cost
Easy to install
Re-calibrated by adjusting the calibration potentiometer
Ideal for auto, boat, industrial, commercial & domestic uses
Decimal Point Position can be selected by user

Power Source                       DC12V
Maximum Count                  1999 (4 digit)
Operating Temperature         0 to 55℃
Storage Temperature             -10 to 80℃
Relative humidity                  20%~80%
Weight                                  30-35g
Dimension                            W48mm x H26mm x D22mm
Panel Cutout                         48mm×23mm
Sample Frequency                400ms

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HHO Ammeter LED
HHO Ammeter LED
Ultra-bright LED displayBlue, Green display availablePolarity: Automatic SensingAutomatic Calibration upon zero reading for 0V inputHigh accuracy and Low costEasy to installRe-calibrated by adjusting the calibration potentiometerIdeal for auto, boat, industrial, commercial & domestic usesDecimal Point Position can be selected by user OPERATION SPECIFICATIONS:Power Source                       DC12VMaximum Count                  1999 (4 digit)Operating Temperature         0 to 55℃Storage Temperature             -10 to 80℃Relative humidity                  20%~80%Weight                                  30-35gDimension                            W48mm x H26mm x D22mmPanel Cutout                         48mm×23mmSample Frequency                400ms
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