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Frequently asked questions

  • How does HHO kit works?

    With the extra energy from the alternator, we split up the H2O molecules and separated them, they become HHO gas. The HHO kit is producing HHO gas depending on your engine needs. Our HHO kit is producing gas based on the RPM's of your engine, so it's perfectly optimized to use only the extra energy produced by the alternator. The produced HHO gas is fed to the engine air-intake system. The inlet point should be after the MAF sensor and the engine vacuum brings it to the cylinders, where is burning with the air-fuel mixture. By adding HHO gas to the regular air-fuel mixture, we enrich the burning process of the regular fuel, thus help us to make more complete burning. As a result, we get more created mechanical power and fewer emissions. 

  • How much fuel I can save?

    With HHO kit with maximum efficiency and the best proper power management device, the results are In most diesel engines you can see real fuel saving of 20%-30%. Petrol injection engine can give you 15%-25% We know on many websites you can see much higher numbers stated, all they will explain to you how this is true, but is not! It does not matter how you will trick your engine's ECU or sensors, with simulators, software and so on, that is not possible! We have been testing many cars of different engines, models, years of manufacturing and the results are clear. Numbers like 40, 50, 60% are just marketing tricks. Let's be realistic!   
    Based on your monthly fuel expense, you can calculate your fuel saving! Some people do a lot of mileage per month, respectively their return on investment would be in a really short time. For companies with a fleet of vehicles, this will be an enormous amount of fuel and expenses saved! 

  • Can I install the HHO kit myself?

    Yes, you can install it yourself! You will need to be a little handy and you will need also some hand tools. Installation takes between 1-3 hours maximum. Just need to read and follow the Installation manual given by us in PDF file. We always send it via email, so you can not lose it, it will be always in your email. Also if you need assistance, we are online to help in case you have some questions or difficulties. 

  • Would I damage my engine by installing HHO generator?

    No, you can not damage your engine! Еxactly the opposite. By adding HHO gas to the engine air-fuel mixture is beneficial for the engine. Your engine will perform smoother and be more responsive. HHO gas is a natural additive, which helps better and more complete burning.
    The speed of burning is increased inside the cylinders, which means the temperature inside the cylinders is lower than usual. Тhe reason is that when the fuel burns faster it releases less temperature. Respectively this is less expansion of metals, especially for piston rings. 
    Also, the HHO gas, create more complete burning, so there are fewer carbon emissions. Cleaner burning inside cylinders prolongs the lifespan and quality of the engine oil. Less wearing of bearings and all movable parts. Fewer carbon particles in the catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter. Facilitates the passage of an annual technical checkup in terms of emissions. The cleaner engine, perform better as well. You can not damage the engine, but you can prolong its overall lifespan by using HHO generator

  • Does the engine run better?

    Yes, it runs better! After installation of the HHO generator is done and HHO gas is fed to the engine, the combustion is improved. The oxy-hydrogen is very clean fuel. It does not have carbon molecules. And it's burning faster than regular fuel, but helps the regular hydrocarbon fuels to burn more completely. As a result, fewer carbon deposits, which usually decrease the engine dynamic parameters with the passed mileage. Also burning the old carbon particles and protects the engine to create new such deposits. Fewer carbon deposits are equal to better engine dynamic parameters. 

  • Is it dangerous to use HHO kit?

    Nor oxygen or hydrogen is dangerous, especially without a spark to ignite the gases. Both gases are not compressed in the system practically. This is Hydrogen On Demand system. It produces HHO gas when the engine is running only, respectively it consumes all the gas. The vacuum created by the engine is sucking produced gas and via the air system, it goes into the engine where is burnt. It is a quite safe system if you do not try to ignite it of course. We do not suggest you even try that! Remember they are explosive gases!

  • What consumable do I need?

    The proper operation of the HHO generator depends on only one consumable-electrolyte. The electrolyte is made of water (preferably distilled water) and Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) on flakes with purity at least 90% The water you can buy or collect from any air-conditioner and KOH you can buy from some chemical store. Most of our HHO kits work with a density of 10%, which means 100 grams KOH poured into 1 liter of water. Then add it to the reservoir of the systems and that's it.  The KOH it's cheap as a consumable. It's a few Euro/ Dollars for 10000 km. 

  • Is there any maintenance should I do?

    Maintenance is quite easy. Ones in every 10 000km you have to rinse the HHO kit with water and refill it again. Unplug the lower hose of the push-in fitting of the dry cell and start filling only water into the reservoir. when the water comes clean from the dry cell you can stop filling water. Wait until all water is out of the dry cell, then plug the hose back to the connector and fill the reservoir with electrolyte. That's all! 

  • How to control the HHO kit?

    If you bought with your kit a Dynamic PWM, then you don't have to control anything after installation and setup. We have designed this digital device to be automated.
    It starts and stops automatically and its producing HHO gas based on the RPM's of the engine. Practically the kit does not need any human intervention. The only care you have is to fill the reservoir with electrolyte regularly!

  • In what engines I can install HHO generator?

    In all internal combustion engines! It will improve the efficiency in all engines. The only requirement is that the exact vehicle needs to have at least an 80A alternator. This way you will be sure that there is enough power capacity to provide the whole electrical consumables and the HHO kit with power. 
    All vehicles with an internal combustion engine may use an HHO generator, such as cars, vans, tractors, trucks, buses, vessels, boats, building machinery, diesel gensets, etc. 

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    Yes, we can ship everywhere worldwide! For European Union, we use mostly DPD, DHL and other carriers too. For countries beyond Europe, we use again DHL, UPS, EMS and other shipping companies. To provide you exact shipping estimation first, we need to know what exactly you willing to buy, because the volume and weight are very important and second we need to have your full address including postal code. 
    Then we will provide you shipping estimation before you even make an order. 
    All parcels have a tracking number, which will be provided to you after we dispatch your order! 

  • Do you provide customer support?

    Yes, we do! This is very important because in most cases our customers do not have real experience with the installation of HHO kits. Even it's easy to install it, there is always pop up some technical questions, which need to be answered. 
    That is why we here to help you via email, by phone live conversation(only in English), Viber chat, Whatsapp chat or FB messenger.
    In case you have any questions, just contact us!  

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