HHO MAP/MAF sensor simulator


MAP/MAF sensor simulator - analog

  • Code: 014
  • Weight: 0.300 Kgs
Price: €40.00
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These stylish enhancers are designed to communicate with your vehicles computer (ECU) to adjust the air-fuel ratio.

Our Enhancer will tell your computer to use less fuel by adjusting the voltage signal sent from a voltage based MAP or MAF sensor to the computer.

The vast majority of HHO on demand systems in vehicles do not see great increases in miles per gallon. 

Each knob allows for 270 degree of linear tuning radius, which is almost a complete circle. This allows for carefree knob tuning adjustments. Control over your fuel intake is now at your fingertips. Rocker switch allows operator to toggle between hybrid and factory (enhanced and your vehicle's original setting).

Enhancer can also be wired to turn your HHO system on (when on enhanced setting) and off when switched back to the factory setting. Dual dials allow the operator to adjust fuel consumption at two different settings. Saving fuel is now a breeze!

Compatible with all diesel and gasoline engines with existing MAP/MAF sensors.

Recomended for all types of engines equiped with MAP or MAF sensors.