Q: 1. What is HHO gas?
A: HHO gas or "Brown's Gas" as patented is obtained by electrolysis of water. Water molecule is broken into two molecules of hydrogen and one oxygen. Obtained "Brown Gas". Also called oxyhydrogen.
Q: 2. What fuel economy will get when using HHO generator?
A: You can increase your mileage by 50%. If you traveled on a single tank of fuel 500 km, now to ride 750 or approximately 30% fuel savings.
Q: 3. Can be installed HHO generator in Common Rail engine?
A: Yes, you can install a generator of common rail engine - put additional chip that connects to the OBDII port behind the car and to see if you have software for your car. In general, we have about 5,000 software models. HHO generators are placed and without putting a chip, but then the economy is not very much.
Q: 4. How many amps is drawing the hydrogen generator?
A: Gas production began in consumption of 5-6 amps. Our generators are designed to operate at low power consumption from 15 to 20 amps.
Q: 5. When I have a city driving engine works much at idle and low revs. In such conditions the vehicle's alternator produces a small current - load it with Hydrogen Generator will not cause damage?
A: Certainly, the alternator will not be damaged even if the consumption of the generator is 30 amps. Basically every car manufacturer is aware that we can add many more consumers in a car, even with all the extras and based on the assumption that the car manufacturer has left reserve power to the amps.
Q: 6. Do I need pulse width modulator (PWM)?
A: With our HHO generators do not need pulse modulator, because they are optimized to the point where many times more productive when fed directly to DC (DCV) of the vehicle. Wide-pulse modulation does not work efficiently with HHO generator such as "Dry cell", the second generation systems and produced since 2008. Frequency modulation is very effective in other types of generators that are technically designed for this purpose.
Q: 7. What happens to gas after Brown's gas works when engine stop?
A: By turning the key to position the engine shut off system stops producing Brown's gas engine and adds a few bars to standstill and he has consumed already this gas.
Q: 8. In winter you freeze water into HHO generator?
A: In the winter we use a concentrated electrolyte so as -28 degrees and more, no problem.
Q: 9. Do not heat the engine if it works with Brown's gas?
A: The operating temperature of the motor is increased - rather low. HHO gas burns very quickly and with its combustion engine serves as the main catalyst for fuel. Get better combustion inside the cylinder. The combustion chamber is designed so that withstands high temperatures and cools well. Radiation is received by the poor burn-opening of the exhaust valve does not go well exhaust (real fire) - this is what raises the temperature of the engine. After the tests made at the Institute of Internal Combustion obtained results, the temperature of combustion (for petrol and diesel) is lower than  the cars was only used petrol or diesel without Brown's gas.
Q: 10. Can you return the generator?
A: You can return  in 7 days  the product purchased by commercial packaging intact, unused and in good condition and a document with which you purchased it.
Q: 11. What you give a guarantee for the hydrogen generator?
A: As a manufacturer with proven quality We give you a warranty period of two years, full warranty.
Q: 12. Is not there a risk of explosion?
A: There is no danger of explosion because HHO gas rumble when you have strong spark or above 570 degrees Celsius. In practice, this is impossible when all elements are protected from hot parts and components of the vehicle and also lacks spark. The entire system is also airtight and does not leak Brown's gas. In case of mechanical damage caused by disaster or other reasons, all the electronics in the car is stopped automatically, which means that the HHO generator stops working and if the generator itself is mechanically damaged due to damage caused by accident, it just stops producing gas because water will flow out on the ground.
Q: 13. Do I need to declare in Vehicles Dept. if in the car is fitted Hydrogen Generator?
A: You do not need to do anything  because you did not change the car. A separate system is not subject to technical inspection for lowest pressure according the EU regulations, but just in case you can check it out how it is in your country cause of different legislation. 
Q: 14. Can this system improve the efficiency of the engine of my car?
A: One-third of Brown's gas was 100% oxygen, allowing more complete and faster burn of the primary fuel in this case is the Brown gas and catalyst. For better, better and faster burning fuel-air mixture have a higher efficiency of the engine.
Q: 15. In what kind of engines hydrogen generator work?
A: It will work with all engines with all fuels, operating internal combustion engines currently used - petrol, diesel, LPG, CNG.
Q: 16. Whether oxyhydrogen generator produces the short or long term harm to my engine?
A: No, Brown's gas generator does not cause any problems to the engines. Practically no water access to the engine. It is located in the generator, which uses electrolysis converts it to Brown's gas that enters the engine through the intake manifold and is protected by back fire.
Q: 17. Why do car manufacturers have not adopted this technology in production?
A: Car manufacturers are not interested to implement vodordni generators in their cars because it will make them much cheaper and make meaningless injection systems, common rail and other innovations. New developments in the automotive industry makes cars more expensive and hence the profits of their producers higher. Impossible is such a huge industry to lightly tossed all his works, which won many to return to normal engines and carburetors to implement Hydrogen generators. Gas Generator Brown defeats all new vehicles fuel system, created over the years to achieve fuel economy.
A second factor is the cost of fuel - while fuel prices are still low there will be little financial incentives for this system. Stanley Meyer's patents do not contribute to public control over this energy. Designed from the outset to work with this technology, vehicles can run on 100% water. Neither the oil companies nor the government wants to see a multibillion-dollar industry destroyed. Oil companies reported the biggest gains from any other industry on earth. Member gather huge amounts of duty and tax.
Q: 18. What maintenance is required for gas generators Brown?
A: Every 500-700 km. mileage will need topping up the tank system around 300ml. distilled water. Every 20,000 to 30,000 miles or depending on the amount of use, it is recommended to flush the system and load again with distilled water and electrolyte (Potassium hydroxide flakes).
Q: 19. What is the electrolyte used?
A: Potassium хъдрожиде (KOH). Located in most chemical stores.
Q: 20. What if I do not use distilled water in my generator what will happen?
A: Distilled water is pure water. With other types of water like tap water, mineral water, pond water, sea water, etc., the generator will work, but it will also lead to easier deposition of minerals and impurities that are in the water and electrolyte will become boiling "mud." This clay will be glued on the generator plates and act as an insulator causing lower production of HHO gas.
Q: 21. In case of an accident will the Hydrogen Generator blow you?
A: Absolutely not, everything that can happen is that there will be water and electrolyte on the ground and the engine oil will turn into soap.
Q: 22. Can I use HHO generator for saving fuel in diesel back up power generator?
A: HHO generators can be used in all internal combustion engines and devices working with fossil fuels, particularly for electricity generator should provide more data on the working volume of the unit and what power is like kilowatts (KW), to prepare technical assessment of what model HHO generator you will need. Do not forget that there are very serious electricity generators.
Q: 23. What is the lifespan of the fuel cell?
A: The materials that are made from non-corrosive, and basic items like vanes can be recycled by us , but it will be soon after 4-5 years of work.