"Fuel saving guaranteed up to 30% with Hydrox Systems"

Have you already tired of fuel prices and spending so much in fuel?

Would you like to save up to 30% on fuel expenses every month? 

Stop spending and start saving!


Now we offer a system that allow you to reduce fuel expenses of your vehicle at a very low cost. Simply your vehicle it uses a conventional fuel (diesel,petrol or LPG) and when we add a small amount of oxy-hydrogen gas to the air intake of the engine, produced by our onboard Hydrogen generators to the air-fuel mixture it increases the efficiency of burning and combustion process.


No, no kidding!


Basically in every conventional engine you have pistons which are moving rapidly up and down. When the piston goes down it makes vacuum and sucks air and also a injector spraying a fuel under pressure and then the piston goes up and makes compression of this air-fuel mixture. Then the spark plug ignites this mixture to explode and create a mechanical power and the necessary energy for the movement of the vehicle is released.

In perfect conditions, the reaction is made only when the piston reached TDC (Top Death Center) of it's position.
However in most engines the air-fuel mixture ignites too early, before the TDC and thus early explosion makes fuel burning inefficient.

This inefficient process causes increased fuel consumption and also harm the environment extremely with Nitrogen oxide (NOx),Carbon monoxide (CO), Carbon dioxide (CO2), Hydrocarbons (HC), Sulphur oxide (SO2) etc.

When we add HHO GAS to your regular fuel (petrol, diesel, LPG etc.) it increases the pressure inside the cylinders and the octane rating as well, so this HHO Gas as additive creates more complete burning process than normal and also lower the temperature inside the cylinders, because this air-fuel and oxy-hydrogen mixture has quicker burning. The additional oxy-hydrogen allows the engine to run with better combustion and respectively the fuel consumption and emissions are reduced.

Practically, HHO gas gives us complete burning process and we have also much lower exhaust emissions by 80% , which is incredible. 

In the first place, nothing is changed at the installation of the hydrogen generator for your engine or other parts of your car. It is a complete system that can be installed in minutes, or expanded without any difficulty. The system improves the working capacity of the engine, it enables a smooth combustion cycle, thus reduces noise level. Clean pistons and valves reduce vibration. The hydrogen increases the power of your engine and improves acceleration.




This is a revolutionary HHO generator that could be installed in every car. This gas enriching the air-fuel mixture and increasing the combustion of air-fuel mixture in the cylinders of the engine and fuel actually has more complete combustion. The impression we get is an increase in power and fuel economy significantly, in some cases, savings can reach 40% after software engine management optimization. Our Hydrogen On Demand systems are designed for all types of internal combustion engines.


How Does This Technology Work?
It's very simple method actually. The HHO Generator produces a oxy-hydrogen using only water and extra electricity from the battery and the alternator of the engine, because car manufacturers installed in every vehicle bigger alternator than they usually need. Why they did it? Because, they want to be sure that if you plug in your vehicles power system chargers for phones, laptops, invertors or any other device which needs power, so your alternator will be enough strong to charge all the devices and the needs of your battery too. In most cases you are simply not using the extra energy, so we use only the extra power from the alternator to convert it from electricity to HHO gas and feed this oxy-hydrogen gas into your vehicles air-intake.
Increased Power
comes from this extra energy we put back into the engine. With this oxy-hydrogen gas we enrich the burning process inside the cylinders, ones with the hydrogen and ones with the pure oxygen, which is the catalyst to burn the fuel completely.

When the air-fuel mixture and the HHO gas are mixed they burn much faster and also they produce more mechanical power, so thus creates more torque (Nm)

Improved Emissions
Engines supplied with Hydrogen,always report dramatic decreases in emissions. It doesn't matter if they are diesel, petrol, CNG or LPG. Even in very old vehicles, who previously could not pass the emissions tests, now they are allowed to run again by the authorities, because they tests show much lower emissions. In most vehicles equipped with HHO generators we have seen reports of hydrocarbon emissions(CO2, NOx)dropping by 80% after just a few minutes of running on a hydrogen generator. Practically HHO Generator cleaning your engine during operation.

Increased Engine Life
Therefore engine life is increased, because the fuel is burning more complete and  there are less carbon-black to foul up the engine and contaminate the oil. Also clean burning means less carbon-black in the engine oil and less deposits of soon on the engine valves and engine piston rings, where friction wear those parts and thus lowers  the engine compression.Engines tend to run 10-20 degrees cooler when HHO generator is installed.

Easy To Install
Our HHO kits comes with everything you need to complete the installation. You may need only some hand tools. We ship your system with all the cables, lugs , screws, connectors, etc, so that you can made the installation. We ship within 24 hours.

Have a Larger Engine?
Our fully automated system is successfully used on engines up to 16 liters displacement. In case you need something bigger? We can design and produce a custom HHO systems. Just let us know what you needs are and we can estimate your custom HHO system.


By using Hydrox Systems you can get:


1. Fuel saving up to 40%*
    *fuel saving of 40% is a result of additional ECU management setup 

2. Increasing the engine dynamic parameters by 25%
     *increase Nm's in 80% of the diesel engines

3. Reduce emissions of CO2 by 80%

4. Prolongs lifespan of the engine

5. Reduces deposits and soot in engine significantly

6. Very easy installation, fits in every vehicle


Why choose Hydrox Systems???

Hydrox Systems is a system made entirely in Europe from the highest quality materials.

In the cell design were guided by fundamental factors such as: optimal performance, compact size, strength, quality, long life, quick and easy installation, and last but not least looks good.

Optimized to the point where the summer can run on normal amps, even without a pulse modulator in the correct dosage and at the same time has enough performance.

The system works well even in winter, it has a lower water consumption, low-amperage and low operating temperature.

Steel in the cell was 316 L, so that continuous operation will not see any change, any deposits or dirt, even after several months of work, the water in the system remains unchanged in colour.

Cell Hydrox Systems has produced the most modern technology with laser cut plates to high precision, which makes it very reliable and long life, so that the cell has a 2 year warranty.

Secondary elements of the system, tank and bubbler are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of compactness, strength, variable temperatures, quick and easy installation and most importantly, consistency in connection with the cell.

Other elements such as tubing, wiring, relay, ammeter and automatic fuse are specially selected for quality, reliability and long life.


The Cell is created from 316 INOX plates with laser cut to high precision, all other materials are 100% quality and certificates making it one of the most reliable systems in the world, fast and easy installation too.


For nearly six years we have made hundreds of experiments and trials. We had moments of despair, but we did not give up the idea of ​​clean energy and we proudly say , that we have achieved our goal with this systems!



Positive sides:

1.Reducing fuel consumption upto 40%
   *fuel saving of 40% is a result of additional ECU management setup

2.Reducing of the emissions by 80%

3.Increasing power and performance of the motor

4.No pressure or are not subject to annual verification as LPG and CNG installations

5.Lighter weight- between 6kg and 12kg.(filled with water)

6.Prolongs the life of your engine

7.Cleaned it and soot deposits

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